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Fament7 offer the same premium services

Big Support For Your Small Business

We offer the same premium services to small businesses that were once proprietary to multi- billion dollar businesses and main street companies. –all at an affordable price. Regardless of your company's size, credit score, and financial history, we will serve you with the USA's best business consultation.


Our team of professionals at Fament7 delivers true value beyond our customer's expectations. We aim to help small companies with financial support, tax management, creative marketing strategies, simplifying operations, and virtually every business need without charging them thousands to millions of dollars.


Legal Services

We offer the best legal & tax protection services to protect small businesses in the USA to enjoy detailed legal protection for low monthly rates. We

Bookkeeping Services

We offer world-class digital bookkeeping services to our clients that utilize high-tech cloud- based bookkeeping software for hassle-free..

Tax Lien Services

We offer personalized tax guidance to small businesses to save them from lengthy and troublesome collection procedures.

HR Services

We smartly manage our client's business by providing fully compliant HR services customized to each business and its requirements.

Marketing Services

We offer our clients both traditional and digital marketing strategies and services customized to reach more customers and stay ahead of their competitors.

Credit Card Processing Services

We offer reliable credit card processing services to increase sales, boost credibility & improving productivity with user-friendly and lightning-fast technology.