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About Us

Fament7 is a full-service business consulting firm specializing in business funding, tax liens,
legal services, marketing strategies, bookkeeping content, and HR services.

Our Approach

We intend to help small businesses and startups to fulfill their dreams through focused planning, targeted action plan, and transparent accountability. 

We take a compassionate approach to each small business and its particular needs and focus on providing fast, simple and transparent solutions to their financial and managerial needs.

Our Story

Every business has a small beginning involving a lot of struggles and hard work. Our story
began with the ambition to do business with honesty and integrity and help other small businesses grow, in today's competitive environment, who believe in the same principles as we do. As our consulting firm has grown over the years, our desire to deliver affordable consultation to our clients has strengthened. We believe in helping others achieve their goals just the way we strive to accomplish our objectives.

Our Values

Our commitment to the core values of transparency, Integrity, Efficiency, Progress,
Accountability, and Friendliness makes Fament7 an incredible place for people to work and a

great business consulting firm to work with. We commit to serve the underserved! We adapt to

any monetary condition to better serve our clients.